Activity Directors
As an Activity Director, you are likely to play an important role in your site's adoption and use of the Live Living Network. While not all sites will follow the same process of booking and attending program, here are the key elements of managing your Live Living Network subscription.

Account Creation
- Everybody is eligible for a free trial subscription, so jump right in and create an account.
- It is a good idea to have more than one account created for each community and there is no maximum number of accounts that each community can create.

Event Discovery
- Once you have created an account, you can start discovering the events that are scheduled. They are listed in chronological order.
- Remember, we are always adding events too, so please be sure to come back to the site periodically to check in on new programs. However, we will also be sending out a monthly newsletter highlighting the next month's programs.

- Each program has a "book" button. By clicking on the button, you will trigger an email to your registered email address that will contain the link to the program. This link can be copied and pasted into any activity schedule or sheets that your site utilizes for activities. You can also add the link to your email calendar.
- Since the link is now in an email, the email can also be shared with others at your site.
- Each event has its own unique link.
- A link will look like this:

  • https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_x3M9wffDSUS03-luXP5idwx

Attending a program
- The device that you will be using to launch the live program at its start time, (Laptop, Desktop, Phone or Tablet) will need to have the Zoom app downloaded and open on the device. The Zoom applications icon looks like this:

- Also, the first time you click on a link, you will be asked to download Zoom.
- This only need to be done once and then that device will be Zoom enabled for all the programs.

Interactive Interface
- It is very important that whoever is managing the live program for your residents is familiar with the Zoom interface and how to input questions for the program presenters to see.
- This will enable you to engage your residents in the question and answer process and also participate in any polls that are presented during the program.
- You may want to get questions from the residents prior to the program or periodically ask residents to write down or tell you any questions or comments they may have during the program.
- Remember individual residents can also join the programs if they have set up accounts and then input questions on their own. They might join using a phone or tablet.

Test Calls
- We are available to run test calls with your site to help with downloading, the interface or any other questions you may have.